Point2 MLS® & Association Consumer Portal

The Point2 MLS® & Association Consumer Portals are an efficient and easy-to-use solution for any REALTOR® organization to display and promote its listings on a world-class public website, using the same platform that is being used on Point2 Homes. Point2 MLS® & Association consumer portal benefits from all of Point2 Homes' great features out of the box. Additionally, as new improvements in usability and search engine optimization are developed on the Point2 Homes website, the MLS® & Association consumer portal automatically benefits from them as well. The best part is that this solution is available all at no cost.

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What our partners are saying about MLS® & Association Consumer Portals

Walt Baczkowski, SFAR CEO

"Working with Point2 has provided SFAR the tools and resources to make sure our members enjoy continued success and to ensure our organization stays at the forefront of the real estate industry for years to come."

Walt Baczkowski, SFAR CEO - www.SFRealtors.com

Powerful Consumer-Focused Features

Easy To Use

View properties directly on the map, in regional directories or in the photo gallery.

Advanced Filtering Options

Search properties by the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, property type, price ranges, home area and much more.

Recently Sold Properties

See what properties have been sold recently and get access to details like sale date and sale price.

Multiple Sorting Criteria

Sort listings by price, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, size and listing date.

Save Search

Save search criteria for follow-up visits and have new listings automatically delivered to your inbox.

Compare Listings

Compare up to 4 homes head-to-head.

Mobile Friendly

The website is optimized for best performance on mobile devices.

Share Listings

Let other people know about specific listings via your favorite social networks or via email.

Open Houses

Quickly see what listings are open houses as they are highlighted accordingly.

Real Estate Maps

US properties may include maps like parcel maps, zoning maps, FEMA flood zone maps, etc.

Property Information

May include public record information like sales history, building class, price estimates, etc. Available in more than 600 of the most populated US counties.

REALTOR® Highlight

The listing agent is promoted prominently with their presented properties as well as a searchable agent directly sorted down to the neighborhood level.

Save Listings

Add listings to your favorites and remember them later.

Unlimited Photos

Each listing can have an unlimited number of photos.

Various Home Search Options

Customize your search down to specific neighborhoods, zip codes, specify a radius search or define your own area of interest.

Demographics Information

Available down to neighborhood level and includes information like population, lifestyle, employment, education, and more.

Search Engine Friendly

Built with the best search engine practices in mind. All the elements on the website are customized in order to attract traffic from local search phrases, REALTOR® names and property addresses.

"...the Point2 solution is on-par with what the big national publishers are offering to the consumer..." - Matt Cohen Clareity Quote Source
"...the Point2 solution is on-par with what the big national publishers are offering to the consumer..." - Matt Cohen Clareity Quote Source
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Association Benefits

Revenue Opportunities

Generate revenue through on-site advertising.

Domain Selection

Assign a custom domain of your choice.

Social Media Accounts

Integrate links to your social media profiles and make the website easier to share via all the major social platforms.

Customizable Homepage

Customize the main menu by renaming or removing its main sections and add custom content.

Google Analytics Traffic Reporting

Get access to detailed traffic statistics.

REALTOR® Association's listings

The listings are updated daily on the portal.

Brand Elements

Incorporate your logo and define a color scheme that matches your REALTOR® Association's brand and existing marketing materials.

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