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Ensure the accuracy and integrity of your organization's listings while delivering unparalleled advertising value to your members - that's the power of the Point2 Listing Syndication network.

Implemented by over 250 organizations across North America, Point2 is not only the most trusted name in secure data distribution but also the premier platform for MLSs/Associations, as well as Agents and Brokers, to individually control where their listings are advertised online.

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What is Listing Syndication? How Does it Work?

Simply put, listing syndication is an online advertising medium that helps MLSs / Associations, Brokers, and individual REALTOR® advertise their listings on the web with minimal effort - while maintaining accuracy and security at every step of the process.
Your Members' Listings. Powered by Point2. Point2 knows that manually entering listing data in multiple locations takes more time than most real estate professionals can spare. That's why Point2 provides listing syndication to MLSs and Associations for the benefit of their members. Your REALTORs® can enter their listings once, into your MLS® system, and with just one click we send listings to dozens of busy marketplaces - automatically!

Best of all, complete listing control is granted to all parties involved in the Point2 Listing Syndication process. Thanks to Point2's own Listing Rights Management technology, you can be sure that your listings will only appear where you intend them to and nowhere else. This is why Point2 is trusted by over 250+ MLSs & Associations across North America.

"Syndication is one of the best real estate tools out there that you could provide to your membership." - Amanda Tester, Executive Officer Cooperative Arkansas REALTORS® MLS®
"Point2 understands our Association's unique needs and works with us to become a true partner. When it comes to special events or association initiatives, Point2 is always here to help. Our members trust Point2 to provide the services and support they require, and we do, too!" - Jason Yochim, Executive Officer Saskatoon Region Association of REALTORS®
"We are pleased with Point2's exceptional work ethic and customer service. It has been a major benefit to our members." - Kimberly Cox Ozark Gateway Association of REALTORS®
"Your long term support has proven helpful and efficient, indicating an expectation of a long-termed business relationship." - Diane Smith, Executive Officer High Desert Association of REALTORS®
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MLS Certified Point2 is committed to providing accurate listing information.
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Did you know? Over 250 MLSs & Associations have partnered with Point2. View Current Clients