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How Paperless Are You?

Smartphone Dollar Sign

Before there were iPads, smartphones and laptops, agents listed and sold real estate every day without them. But today’s competitive market demands that all parties be “in the loop” for every transaction. We must utilize systems and devices that keep us connected in order to meet the real-time needs of demanding consumers. New tools are typically […]

Hot Tip: What’s the Magic Number of Calls to Convert a Prospect?


You know you are supposed to prospect every day! If you are like most of us, you can be darned creative about being busy, making excuses to avidly avoid the possible rejection. The real shift will happen when we pick up the phone with purpose and planning. Staring at your phone filled with the hope that […]

Upcoming Webinar: 5 Super Secrets You Need to Get More Listings and Sell Them Fast

Increased Sales

What if there were 5 simple secrets to helping you get the best listings, beat out your competition and get them sold fast? Respected real estate coach Terri Murphy shares the 5 little secrets that will make sellers fight to sign up with you and use super services!  Join Terri as she shares proven strategies from the best of […]

Upcoming Webinar: Successful Agents & How They Continually Get Listings


Do you know that taking more listings that sell will increase your bottom line with less time and more profits? Statistics tell us that you save almost 47% more time when marketing listings than working with buyers. Now every agent has their preference to work with just buyers, just sellers or both! But in every case, learning […]

Hot Tip: Timers Can Be Your Key to Productivity

Egg Timer

Do you remember when you saw your mom or grandmother using an egg timer in the kitchen? With the advent of cell phones that include timing devices, the old fashioned standalone egg timer isn’t as popular an item as it has been in the past. But how can using a simple timer help boost your productivity today? One of […]

10 Hot Time Tips that Rock

time tips

Do you complain that there is just not enough time to get it all done? Really? What if we could show you 10 ways to save time so you can do the high dollar activities and make more money NOW? Point2 has consulted with the top experts on how best to organize yourself to make […]

Upcoming Webinar: BIG Results, SMALL Changes

Terri Murphy

How about getting BIG results from small, easy changes for once in your life? Although there is no silver bullet, there are some very simple steps to ramp up your income significantly by the end of the year. Why not start out doing the RIGHT things in the RIGHT timing with proven strategies and tips […]

7 Steps to Avoid Getting Dragged Down by Email

Email dragging

Do you remember when you would wake up to an actual alarm clock and really had no communication with others besides your family before you went to work? Compare that to how we wake up by our cell phone alarm and, before an actual sip from our first coffee, we’re having to check and respond to […]

Short on Time? 12 Hot Tips to Help You Save Time & Beat Stress

12 tips to save time beat stress

Always running late? Tired of mumbling to yourself about not having enough time? Everyone has the same number of minutes in a day as you do, but they may get a lot more done! So what’s the problem? It’s not TIME management, it’s YOU management. It’s all about having a plan that includes a couple of simple habits […]

The Twelve Tips NOW to Make 2014 Extraordinary


After a full year of slugging it out on the battlefield of business, like a lot of agents, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed, burned out and somewhat deflated! Even if you’ve had a great year for income and productivity, getting re-energized, re-focused and re-ignited seems daunting as we face another brand new year. […]