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Hot Tip: The 5 Easy Pieces to Make More Profits

5 Domino Dollars

Are you looking for a fast fix or focused on a long-term payoff? Darren Hardy, author of the best selling book The Compound Effect, states that behind success is not the big steps, but a series of very small incremental steps that ultimately land us in the profit zone. Sounds pretty simple, but in reality, […]

Using Facebook For Real Estate: 10 Tips

Facebook for real estate

Do you wonder how many hours are spent on posting to social media by real estate agents? Have you also wondered if you are wasting your time putting up bits of information, but feel you must do it simply because “other agents are doing it”? Although it is proven that online channels are highly effective […]

What Do the Experts Recommend to Make More Sales?


Experts all share different levels and perspectives on how to get more done, with their tips to help make more sales. Not every recommendation resonates with all of us, so we’ve taken a few top tips from subject matter experts that might have the one thing you need to take your business to the next level. Speaking […]

Hot Tip: The 2 Missing Ingredients to Getting More Online Leads


Do you know the two missing ingredients to getting more leads online? We all have the same challenge: what marketing works the best, for the lowest cost, that has a proven return on your investment of time and money? It’s true that many sales people are reactionary in their marketing and do what everyone else is […]

Unlocking the Secret to Market Domination with Tricia Andreassan

Tricia Andreassan

How many times have you wondered if all the time and energy you spend loading information and activities on Facebook would ever pay off?  Did you know that using Facebook effectively could result in as many as a dozen buyer and seller leads in hours? Our May Success Series webinar expert knows just what we […]

Upcoming Webinar: Unlock the Secret Code to Dominate Your Market


Do you ever wonder if it is really worth your time to post information on Facebook or other channels? Do results really show up in hard dollar profits? If you are spending big time and making little or no money for your social media efforts, this session is just for you! Did you know that […]

How Paperless Are You?

Smartphone Dollar Sign

Before there were iPads, smartphones and laptops, agents listed and sold real estate every day without them. But today’s competitive market demands that all parties be “in the loop” for every transaction. We must utilize systems and devices that keep us connected in order to meet the real-time needs of demanding consumers. New tools are typically […]

Hot Tip: What’s the Magic Number of Calls to Convert a Prospect?


You know you are supposed to prospect every day! If you are like most of us, you can be darned creative about being busy, making excuses to avidly avoid the possible rejection. The real shift will happen when we pick up the phone with purpose and planning. Staring at your phone filled with the hope that […]

Upcoming Webinar: 5 Super Secrets You Need to Get More Listings and Sell Them Fast

Increased Sales

What if there were 5 simple secrets to helping you get the best listings, beat out your competition and get them sold fast? Respected real estate coach Terri Murphy shares the 5 little secrets that will make sellers fight to sign up with you and use super services!  Join Terri as she shares proven strategies from the best of […]

Upcoming Webinar: Successful Agents & How They Continually Get Listings


Do you know that taking more listings that sell will increase your bottom line with less time and more profits? Statistics tell us that you save almost 47% more time when marketing listings than working with buyers. Now every agent has their preference to work with just buyers, just sellers or both! But in every case, learning […]