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Hot Tip: What’s the Magic Number of Calls to Convert a Prospect?


You know you are supposed to prospect every day! If you are like most of us, you can be darned creative about being busy, making excuses to avidly avoid the possible rejection. The real shift will happen when we pick up the phone with purpose and planning. Staring at your phone filled with the hope that […]

Are You Ready for the Freaking Sales Animal?

Verl Workman

You know…Verl Workman, The Big V and Virtual Verl are all names he is known by, but the name that describes him best is “Freaking Sales Animal.” Verl is back by popular demand as one of our favorite Point2 Success Experts, and he couldn’t come at a better time for our community! Verl has a long history […]

Upcoming Webinar: Double Down with a Better Business Plan!

Dollar sign and house 2

Double Your Income, Double Your Closings, Double Your Free Time in 2014 Are you ready for 2014? Or maybe a better question is: are you ready for all the sales you’re going to make in 2014? Why not get a solid jump start on your 2014 with super coach, “freaking sales animal” and real estate expert Verl Workman? […]

Hot Tip: Stop Selling and Start Engaging


Newsletters, Updates & Marketing Strategies That Actually Work It’s pretty noisy out there in the marketplace! Getting your message out in an information-overloaded market is more challenging than ever. Statistics prove that what “used to work” is less effective and generally more expensive. Smart agents understand the value of “narrowcasting” their marketing message rather than “broadcasting” […]

Are You Babysitting or Marketing Your Open Houses?

open houses

If you ask agents why they invest their time in open house activities, they’ll most likely answer “to get buyers” or “to please my sellers.” While both of these answers have validity, one of the most powerful reasons to hold an open house is to BRAND yourself in the area where the property is located. Your goal […]

Partner Marketing with Your HVAC Provider

HVAC provider

Agents are always looking for ways to be “visible” to their sphere of influence in a soft sell sort of way. One of the best marketing initiatives to be visible in a value added way is to help the homeowner remember that you are more than a one-time sale. You offer value long after the sale as […]

Halloween Hot Tip: Celebration, Event and Marketing Opportunity

halloween hot tip

Here’s a hot tip from coach and expert Teri Murphy that is just in time for the fall real estate season: Want to be an instant celebrity authority in your market area at Halloween? As fall approaches, so does Halloween! Many top agents are taking advantage of this fun event by shooting a short video in their […]

Using Pinterest for Closing Gift and Event Ideas

pinterest for real estate

In a recent Success Series webinar, we discussed low-cost marketing ideas that several agents are using in order to thank their customers, increase word-of-mouth advertising and obtain referrals. Linda and Tim had some great ideas! If you’re not sure what you can do in your business, why not give Pinterest a try? Using Pinterest for real estate […]

Schedule, Script and Sell for High ROI [Recording]

high ROI real estate

Yesterday’s power coaching webinar with Terri Murphy addressed a big challenge that almost all agents face at one time or another: How do you get more business more easily? Terri shows you how to boost your ROI this fall in just 4 steps: 1. Schedule Your Marketing Calendar – Plan now for the next 30 […]

Hot Tip: 1 Easy Question to Get Real Feedback!

real estate feedback

The most powerful question you can ask is, “May I have your opinion?”  Use your video camera to capture their opinions when you ask for their commentary on various issues! That is the perfect strategy to get real feedback from buyers, sellers and/or past clients. Then grab your video camera and act like a major network when you ask questions […]