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Awesome Point2 Agent Website Examples

Point2 Agent Website for Real Estate Agents

Have you ever wondered what Point2 Agent websites really look like? Not demo sites or sample sites, but real, working agent sites. Whether you’re interested because you don’t have one yet or you do have one, but you want to see what other agents are doing with them, this is something we get asked about […]

Marketing to Military Families


While many military families opt to rent, others enjoy homeownership and all of its perks. In addition to clients’ specific request, there are many features that are convenient to the military lifestyle in general; knowing in advance what these families want in a property can help you save time and enjoy quick sales.  Airport Access […]

Get More Business Using Smart Client Retention Strategies: Part 2


It’s a bright morning as you drive through your marketing area and BAM – you hit the brakes hard! Can you believe what you are seeing? It just can’t be! Right in the front of one of your past customers’ homes is a big fat FOR SALE sign…..and it is NOT yours! How and why does […]

Hot Tip: 5 Ways to Conquer Call Reluctance


Chances are you don’t even know you are doing it. Some of us are craftier than others at looking “busy” to dodge what we have blocked out on our schedule to do. Avoidance behavior can include diving into organizing or filing papers, grabbing a second cup of coffee or checking email one more time. Before […]

Upcoming Webinar: Top Tips to Convert Leads to More Sales

Leads to Sales

What’s better than massive leads? A solid plan to convert the lead into a prospect. And then turn that prospect into a sale! Many agents think they want more leads, but having a bunch of leads and no plan to convert them is the challenge. Leads are the pipeline to sales, and sales are the way […]

Lead Mastery: 7 Steps to Rock Lead Conversion!


Ask a real estate agent what they need every day, and their answer is most likely “I NEED MORE LEADS!” But what if what you really need is a better method of attracting leads with a plan to incubate, nurture and turn them into real sales? Our Success Series Expert, Verl Workman, says we need to stop […]

Hot Tip: 7 Key Ways to Differentiate Yourself

differentiate yourself

Would you get a top 10 rating from your sellers if we asked them how effectively your marketing plan attracts buyers? On a scale of 1 through 10, with 10 being the best, how does your real estate business rate on marketing creativity, market reach and market response? If you aren’t slam-dunking 10’s across the board, you’ve […]

Do Your Customers Really Trust You?

Trust Puzzle

No matter how many great tools, resources and platforms you implement in your business, the basis of any sale is trust. One of the greatest innovations today to help position you as a trusted professional are the social channels that leverage “implied endorsement” of your skills through the existing relationships you have with others. This […]

Upcoming Webinar: Top 10 Ways to Broadcast Your Way to More Sales

Microphone 3

Are you stumped on where to spend your meager advertising and marketing budget to get the biggest splash for your money? What one thing can you do quickly to stand apart from the competition and get more leads? We’ve got the simple low cost/no cost solution to your challenge! Did you know that the average American is […]

How to Overcome Video Resistance

On Air

We all know that video is the top way to engage, but there still seems to be a resistance as to why agents are not using video in their marketing plan. The reasons vary, but when you see how easy it is to use a video in a particular situation, you might just change your […]