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How to Make Better Graphics for Social Media


We all know that eye-catching graphics are an important part of capturing the attention of today’s digital audience. They might even be THE most important part! But how do you know what makes an image work? Here are some pointers that will help you out: Size First things first, your image has to be easy […]

One House: 12 Social Media Marketing Strategies


Did you know the search term “sell a house on social media” gets over 175,000,000 results? It seems like everyone wants to know how to use the power of social media to reach interested buyers. And that shouldn’t come as any surprise, with millions of prospects logging in to share, tweet and chat every day. […]

Using LinkedIn for Real Estate Leads


LinkedIn is a social network just for people who are looking for jobs, right? Wrong. Today LinkedIn continues to be a recruitment tool for businesses worldwide, but it’s also a powerful connection engine for professionals of all stripes – including real estate agents. In fact, one study by social media inbound marketing platform HubSpot found that […]

9 Ways to Get More Followers on Social Media

9 Ways

The more followers you have on whichever social media platforms you choose to use, the more influence you are perceived to have. But getting new followers organically (aka not buying them) isn’t always the easiest thing for a real estate agent to do. For one thing, you’re already really busy going, doing and being out […]

7 Social Media No-No’s for Real Estate

7 social media no-no

“Be the signal, not the noise” Social media is great for real estate professionals in many ways. It allows you to find and engage with real people in your local selling area, gives you a free source of advertising and can be great for referrals. But like anything in life, there is a flip-side to the […]

Social Media for Luxury Real Estate

social media for luxury real estate

Anyone trying to sell anything knows that marketing is important, and the marketing industry has become obsessed with social media. For most real estate, this is no exception, but for those in the luxury niche, it can be difficult to pinpoint which marketing tactics just won’t work. After all, luxury is all about exclusivity, while […]

New to Point2 Agent: Social Media Sharing Sidebar


You probably already know that Point2 Agent is constantly being updated to keep pace with today’s rapidly changing real estate technology marketplace. Just this year, our users have gained access to property data integration, a redesigned email campaign system and dozens of new mobile-ready themes for both agent and property websites. This summer we also […]

DO’s and DON’Ts of Networking Events for Agents


Do you ever attend regional or national real estate conferences? We do! Real estate conferences and conventions are great places to connect with other professionals and expand your sphere of influence. Whether you meet a fellow agent from a neighboring area with whom you can exchange referrals or a complimentary vendor you can partner with, […]

Hot Tip: Make LinkedIn a Hot Prospecting Tool

LinkedIn for real estate agents

How can agents use LinkedIn to begin creating a powerful Internet digital footprint? LinkedIn is rated as the top online relationship channel for business. Many sales people think that LinkedIn is like a yellow pages listing, when in fact, LinkedIn is one of the most powerful ways to generate pre-qualified leads, leverage implied endorsements, promote your events […]

Grow Your Business with LinkedIn [Recording]


Point2 Success Series Webinar with Kurt Shaver: Recap Did you miss your opportunity to get top LinkedIn tips from Kurt Shaver, America’s social selling expert? That’s right, we really outdid ourselves this time by inviting Kurt, a nationally recognized sales trainer, to share his “4 Steps to LinkedIn Success” with webinar attendees. He even adapted his lesson to specifically suit […]