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How to Use Domains for Lead Tracking

how to use domains for lead tracking

Today we have a fun online marketing tip for all the agents and brokers with websites out there. (Hopefully, that means you!) We’re going to teach you how you can use domains to track the success of your various advertising sources, like newspaper ads, billboards, bus benches, pens etc. And it’s so easy, you’ll probably […]

4 Google Analytics Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

4 Google Analytics Tips for Real Estate Agents by Paul Koks

Today’s guest post comes to us from Paul Koks, a passionate Analytics & Optimization Consultant and founder of Online-Metrics.com.  As a real estate agent, you know that your online presence is of crucial importance to grow both your lead database and your bottom line. You need to establish your brand, have a stunning platform and turn your visitors […]

Ask Customer Care: Google Analytics


Dear readers, We are delighted to add yet another installment to our super helpful “Ask Customer Care” blog series. If you haven’t had the chance to interact with our Customer Care team yet, you should know that they are the friendliest customer service team around! Our customer service is free and unlimited, so if you have […]

Big Updates and Improvements From Point2

Howdy folks, We here in Point2 land have been working like gangbusters (whom we’re told are incredibly efficient workers) over the last few months.  Today we have all kinds of new stuff to show you that we are incredibly excited about and know that you are going to love. So, let’s get started shall we? 1. Online […]