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Introducing ShowHome: Our First iPad App

Today we’re happy to announce the launch of ShowHome, a brand new app designed to help Point2 members quickly and elegantly enhance the home showing experience for your clients using the iPad’s interactive presentation capabilities. The first mobile app of its kind, ShowHome enhances the home showing experience by leveraging your Point2 account to display valuable listing […]

Beam me up Scotty, the iPad is here

The iPad is here, the iPad is here!  Alright, alright, I’ll stop shouting.  But just in case you haven’t been subject to the media bombardment surrounding Apple’s newest tech toy, the ‘bigger-than-an-iPhone-and-smaller-than-a-laptop’ gadget has been causing quite the stir among technology lovers everywhere. Reminiscent of Star Trek’s PADD (Personal Access Display Device), the iPad has […]

In Defense of Uncle Bill

Time for a little heresy. I like Microsoft’s advertising. There, I said it.  Bring on the ire.  I welcome it. Yes, I am a fan of a infamous Gates/Seinfeld ads (solely due to the fact I am a rabid Seinfeld fan), yes I enjoy the campy I’m a PC ads, and yes I am fond […]