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Upcoming Webinar: Go Paperless for More Profits – You Don’t Have to be Tech Savvy!

Computer tablet phone

What if this Point2 session could really help you save over 400 working hours a year? Imagine enjoying more time to do what you want, reducing your stress and saving a bunch of trees in the process? Terri will share the top 10 tips to going paperless even if you aren’t tech savvy. She’s compiled […]

Heartbleed: Should I Change My Password?


If you keep an eye on tech news – or even if you don’t – you probably heard the word “heartbleed” on repeat last week. Heartbleed is a bug that compromises the security of websites that use OpenSSL encryption technology to protect sensitive data. This includes the names and passwords of website visitors. Some have […]

Convert Seller Prospects: SOLD in 5 Easy Steps

convert seller prospects

What if you knew which 5 top steps you need to not only get more listings but also list them at the right price? Super agent and founder of  The Paperless Agent, Garry Wise, shared his proven 5-step strategy in our Success Series webinar recently. With over 20 years in the business, Garry turned his frustration with the […]

Hot Tip: No Paper? No Problem! We’ve Got Solutions


If you’re like most agents, it’s a challenge to keep up with which products and services really work! And even if they are the greatest innovation, you’ve got to ask: “How tough is the learning curve? How much will this cost me?” Few people have the time to devote hours and days to learn how to […]

Ask Customer Care

Ask Customer Care

If you’re a Point2 Agent subscriber, you probably already know that you have unlimited access to our dedicated Customer Care team. This fabulous group of highly-trained (and super friendly) people will answer all of your questions, help you keep your account up to date and so much more. Of course, we understand that as much […]

Save Time and Money by Going Paperless


Did you know that using an iPad with just a few apps in your real estate business can save you over 450 hours a year? Our Success Series webinar on April 9th will show you how to redesign the way you do business so that you can save valuable time and money! Over two decades ago, Garry Wise […]

Upcoming Webinar: Increase Efficiency – Go Paperless!

Garry Wise

Do you struggle with finding systems to help you be more efficient? Save time? Deliver more professional results? Then you need to spend 36 minutes with expert Garry Wise, the founder of The Paperless Agent! Garry says he was disappointed in the inefficiencies rampant in the real estate business, so he literally cracked the code […]

How Paperless Are You?

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Before there were iPads, smartphones and laptops, agents listed and sold real estate every day without them. But today’s competitive market demands that all parties be “in the loop” for every transaction. We must utilize systems and devices that keep us connected in order to meet the real-time needs of demanding consumers. New tools are typically […]

Prospecting with VIDEO Makes a Personal Connection

video prospecting

Video Prospecting Makes More Money Fast Prospecting isn’t just about cold calling, which is why many of us have call aversion! But what if you could have fun prospecting? What if you could make a personal connection that creates brand recognition and make more sales… and maybe forget about cold calling forever? Michael Krisa, video expert […]

Top 3 Tips to Get Listings Sold Faster

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If a seller asked you point blank, “What do you do to make a listing services stand apart from your competition?” what kind of answer would you give? Many of us will spout out some watery statistics about our company’s history or ambiguous data. What a waste when we could be knocking the socks off that seller with a […]