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Are You Twittered Out? YouTube Trashed? Facebook Fried?


It’s time to reboot, refresh and relaunch online! Are you fed up with trying to keep up with mindless, self-serving Facebook posts? How about time wasted wading through silly videos on YouTube? Not sure why Twitter matters to you or your business? As always, there is a good and a bad way of using the resources available today. Many […]

Data Security for Real Estate

data security

It is one of the harsh realities of conducting business in 2014: data breaches or data loss are an increasingly common threat that are only becoming more expensive to recover from. Bad guys have an arsenal of sophisticated tools at their disposal that they can use to steal, hack, deface or otherwise ruin your business. IBM estimates that […]

Hot Tip: Stop Working for Nothing – 5 Tips to Make Money

Clock with money signs

It’s another crazy busy day at the office, and you pack up for home, shaking your head about exactly what you accomplished to get you closer to your production and income goals. There is no doubt that Murphy’s Law will interrupt a perfectly well-planned schedule with some emergency that is not a priority and detracts from your dollar-productive activities. […]

Digital Strategies that Make More Sales

Bernice Ross

Are you old enough to remember when telephones were fastened to the wall? Even with a long cord, you couldn’t do much wandering! The meteoric development of a simple cell phone has morphed into a seriously comprehensive mobile device and has changed the way we communicate. So what has all this connectivity done to impact […]

Upcoming Webinar: Top 10 Ways to Broadcast Your Way to More Sales

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Are you stumped on where to spend your meager advertising and marketing budget to get the biggest splash for your money? What one thing can you do quickly to stand apart from the competition and get more leads? We’ve got the simple low cost/no cost solution to your challenge! Did you know that the average American is […]

How to Overcome Video Resistance

On Air

We all know that video is the top way to engage, but there still seems to be a resistance as to why agents are not using video in their marketing plan. The reasons vary, but when you see how easy it is to use a video in a particular situation, you might just change your […]

7 Killer Ideas: Get More Leads Using Video

more leads using video

Did you know that Korean super star Psy’s YouTube video, “Gangnam Style”, has just topped over 3 million views? Even though we’ve seen the video multiple times and watched Psy on various top television events, why do you think people keep on coming back to watch the video again? It’s because video is the best tool when it comes to engagement!    […]

Hot Tip: 7 Ways to Use Video & Reboot Your Marketing

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Over 4 billion videos are being downloaded every day! The message is clear: the consumer has a strong preference for consuming the information they want via video. As real estate agents, we have multiple ways to seamlessly integrate video into our marking plan. But most agents don’t know how to use video to engage or promote […]

Upcoming Webinar: 5 Easy Ways to Start Using Video Now!

Movie Reel

Why would you spend tons of money with outdated marketing and be unable to measure the return on your investment? It’s natural to rely on what has always worked. But doing what we’ve always done isn’t working as well, and expecting the same return on your investment of time and money has proven to drop […]

12 Ways to Use Facebook Videos in Your Marketing


Did you know that the file size of one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words, and over 3,600 web pages? The fact is that with the success of YouTube and the simplicity of camera phones, using video as an engagement tool has proven to be the key business tool. Many agents have not […]