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Recap: What Agents REALLY Want from Their Brokers


If you have been following our blog lately, you know that we started a new broker profitability series for brokers and managers this year. This monthly online coaching event is designed to help them power up their businesses with tips from top real estate coaches. Well, now we’re happy to announce that we have added […]

Point2 Loves Canada


Point2 is made in Canada, and we’re extremely proud of that fact. Here in our Saskatoon, Saskatchewan headquarters, we spend a lot of time thinking about how we can better help our Canadian agents. Our goal is to drive more sales to Canadian REALTORS®, and one of the ways we are making that goal a […]

12 Ways to Use Facebook Videos in Your Marketing


Did you know that the file size of one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words, and over 3,600 web pages? The fact is that with the success of YouTube and the simplicity of camera phones, using video as an engagement tool has proven to be the key business tool. Many agents have not […]

Hot Tip: Help Sellers Prepare for Marketing Their Home

For sale words on house

Smart Moves to Help Sellers Prepare for Marketing Their Home Too many agents miss the critical opportunity to get the most out of launching a new property in their marketplace. That first launch into inventory is the hottest point in the marketplace for that listing. As the weeks pass, with new inventory entering the marketplace daily, the […]

Spend Less, Make More!

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Want the inside secrets to how two top agents spend less and make more? Join us for our September Success Power Session featuring agents Tim Hammond and Linda Hall. Tim hails from Saskatchewan where he specializes in selling lots of farms, plus residential, acreage and commercial real estate in Biggar, Saskatchewan.  He started as a single […]

Are you red-hot in a cool listing market?

Thanks to everyone who registered for and attended our first Success Series webinar, “How to be Red Hot in a Cool Listing Market”, with Terri Murphy! We had a near-capacity crowd who learned key success-building strategies such as: How to best use LinkedIn – leverage the value of implied endorsements by giving and getting recommendations. […]

8 Time-Saving Tools To Accelerate Your Business

One of the common laments of the digital age is that computers haven’t lived up to their promise. Instead of helping us work faster or more efficiently they have instead bogged us down with new distractions or tasks. Just think, how many times have you checked your email today alone. But don’t fret, although technology […]

The New Listing Magnet

How to get more listings with little effort. As a wise man once told me, there are no buyer’s agents, just agents without listings. Listings are the most valuable asset a real estate brokerage or agent has. But generating new listings, while not exactly a complex science, requires that a home seller develops the confidence […]

What’s Your Leadership Style: Control or Engagement?

By guest contributors: Bernice Ross and Byron Van Arsdale. Are you an engaging leader or is control more your style? While a strong leader uses both styles, the engagement approach normally generates the best results. When it comes to leadership styles, the Control Model is the most common. The Control Model places the focus on the […]

Three Easy Ways to Lead More Effective Meetings


How engaging are your meetings? Are your participants actively engaged in your meeting or are they texting and playing games on their iPhones? If you would like to lead more effective meetings, here are three easy steps to follow: 1. Shift from being “I” or “me” focused to being “you” or “group focused” This is […]