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Upcoming Webinar: Marry Me! How to Get Clients to Say “I DO!”, Keep Them for Life and Build Endless Referrals

If you ask an agent what they want more of, it is LEADS! But what if there was a way to get leads effortlessly and easily from happy past clients so you would never have to worry about looking for leads again? NAR reported years back that the average client, after their closing, was worth […]

Get More Business Using Smart Client Retention Strategies: Part 1


It’s a bright morning as you drive through your marketing area and BAM – you hit the brakes hard! Can you believe what you are seeing? It just can’t be! Right in the front of one of your past customers’ home is a big fat FOR SALE sign…..and it is NOT yours! How and why does […]

5 Steps to Massive Lead Conversion Made Easy [Webinar Recording]

5 steps to lead conversion

Are you busy but not making money? Chasing empty leads is a waste of time and energy! We want to help you make the most of every day (and every lead). That’s why this month’s Point2 Power Coaching Webinar focused on lead conversion tips from the master herself, Terri Murphy. In yesterday’s webinar, she shared […]

How To: Help Your Buyers Win a Bidding War

BiddingWar Blog

Have you been seeing a lot of multiple offer situations lately? Low inventories and low interest rates are resulting in bidding wars in many areas. If you are working with buyers who have put in a few offers on homes that haven’t been accepted – or if you have first-time buyers in a hot market […]

Hot Tip: 5 Ways to Conquer Call Reluctance


Chances are you don’t even know you are doing it. Some of us are craftier than others at looking “busy” to dodge what we have blocked out on our schedule to do. Avoidance behavior can include diving into organizing or filing papers, grabbing a second cup of coffee or checking email one more time. Before […]

Are You Wasting Your Time Chasing Leads?


Imagine for a moment that you are a buyer looking for a property that is smack dab in the middle of a particular part of town. As you start to surf the web for information, you are likely to put in search words that refer to a specific town, subdivision or zip code. Like most […]

Webinar Announcement: 5 Steps to Lead Conversion Made Easy

easy lead conversion

Leads! Every agent says they need more leads… but what if they are wrong? Leads are good to have, but prospects that are ready to buy from you are better! What’s the difference? A solid lead generation and conversion system to help you prioritize and manage those leads to make more sales, more easily. Getting […]

The ABC’s of Leads: How to Grade Your Leads


What if you were handed the treasure map to making more money with a guaranteed system to convert incoming calls from leads into real cash? Verl Workman did just that for us during our recent Success Series webinar on how to become a LEAD MASTER! Did you know that one size does not fit all when it comes to follwing up […]

Convert More Leads to Sales [Webinar Recording]

Convert More Leads

The one and only Verl Workman joined our Point2 webinaristas for a thrilling live coaching session yesterday, and boy was it a doozy! Verl taught us that you don’t actually need more leads. What you need is a better way to turn your existing leads into sales. And then he taught us how to do […]

Hot Tip: 7 Ways to Avoid a Lead Drought


Did you ever notice that low production agents whine about not having any leads while top producers can hardly keep up? What’s the real deal here? The truth is leads are everywhere! The real reason that leads sometimes seem scarce is the challenge of being a single entrepreneur. When you are a one-person service provider and […]