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Recap: Reignite Your Sales with Verl Workman

Agent Training Verl Workman Webinar

There’s a reason master real estate and sales coach Verl Workman is known as “The Freakin’ Sales Animal.” This man knows A LOT about how to reach and exceed sales goals. One of the keys is to focus on dollar-productive activities, but to do that you have to identify which activities aren’t making you any […]

A Quick Guide to Twitter Advertising for Real Estate

Twitter Advertising

Today’s guest post comes to us from Erica Rascón, an online content developer and contributing editor for The Balance Sheet — the Yardi corporate blog. If you’re not advertising on Twitter, you’re missing out on the opportunity to reach nearly 288 million monthly active users on the platform. Not all of those users are your ideal clients, but […]

How to Attract, Grow and Maintain a Top Producing Team


We all know that building a profitable brokerage starts with great agents and top leadership, but how can you be sure you choose the right professionals? A critical component in any business is a strong brand that offers a differentiation in a marketplace of similar providers. In the real estate business, creating a level of “Navy […]

Recap: Sales Secrets from Bob Corcoran


Our live agent training session yesterday with expert real estate coach Bob Corcoran was a blast! Bob really knows how to close more sales, and he shared his top tips from both an agent and broker perspective. If you missed this fantastic online event, you can watch the recording below. In less than an hour, […]

You’re Invited: Get Bob Corcoran’s Proven Sales Secrets

Bob Corcoran

Learn how you can make 3-5 more sales this year! REGISTER NOW Everyone would agree that all managers of any sales force would like more closed sales every month, but exactly how can that become reality? Many brokers tell us that they are already stretched to the max working daily to keep their sales team […]

You’re Invited: How to Attract, Grow and Keep Top Agents


Did you know that last year low-producing agents completed less than three transactions per year with many more doing ZERO? That’s shocking! If you want your brokerage to be more profitable by this time next year, it’s imperative to attract, grow and maintain good producers. Not all of your agents can be superstars, but how […]

Get Top Management Strategies for Profitability in 2015

Management Strategies

Would you consider celebrating New Year’s in October or emailing your agents every morning, 5 days a week, with one specific money-making activity that had to be completed? What if you could learn from four of the most profitable brokerage leaders to find out what they did in 2014? What if you could get their […]

Don’t List Your Home Until You’re Ready


Today’s “ask an expert” guest post comes from Bill Gassett, a popular real estate blogger who shares his tips and tricks with buyers, sellers and other agents. This article is an excellent resource to share with your clients and prospects, especially if they’re wondering why a particular listing has been on the market for what seems like ages. It […]

Managing Client Expectations

Managing Client Expectations

Thanks to the Internet, clients have a wealth of information available at their fingertips. The downside is that not all of the information available is accurate or up-to-date, and many clients are unsure of how to interpret what they find in well-meaning articles online. Sometimes clients’ research and expectations are so far from reality that […]

3 Quick Tips for Selling During the Holidays


The holidays are here! Who’s in the mood to sell? While spring and summer are traditionally lauded as the best seasons to sell a home, winter sales can be successful too. During the holidays, there is often less inventory, meaning competition is less fierce than in other months. Additionally buyers who are looking to find […]