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Halloween Marketing: Seasonal Decorating Ideas

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Seasonal decorating has it benefits. When done tastefully, autumn décor can add charm and comfort to a property. When done poorly, the decorations can be a distraction. These autumn decorating tips can help you market your properties and office for the perfect blend of professionalism and coziness.  Think autumn, not Halloween If you want to […]

Keywords to Use in Listing Descriptions

smart listing description keywords

Beautiful apartment, dream home and spacious living room. These are just several of the most popular terms used by US real estate agents when creating a listing description. We conducted a study of nearly 300,000 active, US-based listings to produce a list of the most popular terms used to describe homes for sale and apartments for […]

5 Things Real Estate Agents Should Do Every Day

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Being a real estate agent is tough, and there are always plenty of ways to fill your workday. No matter how busy you are, here are five things you should make time to do every day: 1. Check your online prospects.  As a real estate website provider, here is one thing we see frequently – […]

Do You Suffer from Negotiaphobia?

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If you have felt like a “victim” instead of a “victor” when negotiating for your commission or on behalf of a client, you may be suffering from “negotiaphobia.” Most agents think that “splitting the difference” in a purchase transaction makes the deal go and everyone is happy, but the truth is, that is often the worst […]

Are You Brand Dead in Your Marketplace?


Brand dead! Get it? Quick! Name one agent in your area who has successfully established themselves with strong differentiation in their marketplace… It’s not that easy is it? Why is it that most agents fail to create strong brand identification where they do their business? Can you imagine what chaos would occur in the marketplace if there […]

Upcoming Webinar: Are You Making Negotiating Mistakes that Cost Big Money?

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Have you ever heard these objections? Your commission is too high. We don’t want a yard sign. We won’t sell unless we get our price! How good you are at negotiating for buyers and sellers can make or break a transaction, and yet most agents have little investment in negotiation training or coaching to get […]

Hot Tip: 10 Ways to Keep Your Customers for Life


Client Retention Will Make You Rich! Did you know that customer retention is your key to never making another cold call again? It is easier to retain a current customer than to develop new ones, so what do we need to do to build our business on endless referrals? It’s a lot easier than you […]

7 Ways to Reconnect with Past Clients

7 Ways to Reconnect

Want to reconnect with some of your old real estate clients but aren’t quite sure how to go about it? Staying connected to past customers can lead to repeat transactions and increased referrals, but first you have to bridge the gap. Here are seven ideas to help you get back in touch: 1. Get social […]

Get More Business with Great Client Retention and Referrals


Have you ever sat down at your desk, overwhelmed with what to do next to make more sales? Client retention is the backbone to getting more sales with less effort, less marketing and more results… but most agents get lost in the haze of “fake work” when, in fact, by implementing a few simple, regularly […]

Upcoming Webinar: Get Your Clients to Say “YES” with Smart Client Retention Strategies

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Imagine yourself at a grocery store about to weigh the advantages of choosing one brand item over another, lesser known brand. What kind of thinking process do you go through to identify if you will buy the no-name brand or the top brand? You might consider the price but, depending on your need, you’ll most […]