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Hot Tip: 5 Ways to Pump Up Your Listing Presentation and Beat the Competition!

Listing Presentation

You get the call for an appointment that you know is  a great listing opportunity for a property that will sell fast! Having your sign there would make it as good as sold, but the competition for getting the seller to sign with you is stiff. What can you do to clinch the job? In today’s competitive market, agents […]

Convert Seller Prospects: SOLD in 5 Easy Steps

convert seller prospects

What if you knew which 5 top steps you need to not only get more listings but also list them at the right price? Super agent and founder of  The Paperless Agent, Garry Wise, shared his proven 5-step strategy in our Success Series webinar recently. With over 20 years in the business, Garry turned his frustration with the […]

Easter Marketing Ideas for Real Estate

Easter Marketing Ideas for Real Estate

It’s finally spring! This is a great time to bump up your real estate marketing, and Easter provides a number of fun opportunities for connecting with the people in your area – both clients and potential clients. Today we’ve gathered up four Easter marketing ideas for real estate agents. There’s still plenty of time to […]

Common Real Estate Myths for Home Sellers

real estate myths for sellers

In an earlier post we shared four of the most common real estate myths for home buyers, so today the shoe is on the other foot. Let’s take a look at some of the most common misconceptions for home sellers. Whether someone is selling a home for the first time or the fifth, these real […]

Common Real Estate Myths for Home Buyers

real estate myths for buyers

Happy April Fool’s Day, readers! In honor of the unofficial holiday, we thought we’d take the time to correct some common home buying myths that have been fooling real estate consumers for years. Here’s a look at four real estate myths that frequently come up with first time buyers or buyers who haven’t been in […]

Our Top 5 Blog Posts – EVER


Did you know that we’ve created almost 800 real estate-related posts since we started this blog? Boy, are our fingers tired! Instead of adding one more to the mix, today we thought we’d share our five most popular blog posts of all time. Whether you’re a first-time reader or a repeat visitor to the Point2 blog, we hope you find an article here that teaches […]

Six Easy Prospecting Do’s and Don’ts

real estate prospecting

Hate the thought of real estate prospecting? Don’t know where to start or what to do? Here are six action steps to help you re-frame and re-game your prospecting attitudes and actions: 1) Do overcome “prospecting-phobia” by starting with a real plan of action. Just picking up the phone might turn out to be profitable but, […]

Upcoming Webinar: How to Overcome Prospecting Phobia


10 Killer LEAD Generation Ideas Turning on the faucet to full blast for all the leads you need! Ever suffered call reluctance? How about total call avoidance? Or perhaps you think that calling is “out” because the internet is “in”? If you are like most sales people, you know that prospecting is critical to the […]

Hot Tip: 3 Ways to Plug Prospecting Into Your Schedule

Rotary Phone

Have you ever wondered why your gym membership doesn’t seem like it’s paying off? Could it be because the closest you get to the gym is the access pass in your pocket? Just like a gym membership, when it comes to real estate prospecting you’ve got to invest in the time and activity to get the […]

Selling on the Green Spectrum


No two environmentally-conscious clients are alike. They range from eco-warriors to those who think sustainability is the mode du jour. You may waste energy on research and showings if you don’t understand where your clients fall on the green spectrum. During your first meeting, toss in a few of these sample questions to learn more […]