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Watch Now: 5 Super Secrets to Sell Value

super secrets to sell value

“We don’t want to pay full commission.” “But another agent said he can sell our house for just 4%.” “Can you reduce your rate?” Sound familiar? No one likes it when the conversation goes this way in a listing appointment, but it happens. The important thing is to be prepared so you get paid what you’re […]

How to Prepare for a Home Showing

how to prepare for a home showing

Just because you have decided to sell a home, that doesn’t mean it’s ready to hit the market quite yet. To sell for the highest dollar amount in the shortest amount of time, it’ll have to impress buyers and—in most cases—that means the home will need to show well. Home showings are a critical part […]

How to Write a Social Media Bio

How to Write a Social Media Bio for Real Estate

Social Media Bio Tips for Real Estate Professionals No one likes writing social media bios. Summing up the wonderful, complex human being that you are in just a few strategically selected words? That sounds fun… NOT! That said, in today’s socially savvy real estate marketplace, it can’t be avoided. You’re going to need at least […]

What Online Prospects Want from Real Estate Agents

What online prospects want

More and more people are looking for both real estate listings and real estate agents online these days. When prospects come to your website—whether they found you via an Internet search, a well-placed classified ad or a boosted Facebook post—you have less than 3 seconds to make a good first impression. 3 seconds?!? Yep, that’s […]

How to Choose a Real Estate Agent

How to choose a real estate agent

What makes one real estate agent a better fit for your family or property than another? With so many agents and brokers out there, it can be hard to decide whom to work with. Today we’ve put together some tips that will help buyers and sellers find their perfect match. We always recommend that consumers […]

What Do Real Estate Agents Do?

what do real estate agents do

If you’re a real estate agent, chances are that you have probably had to defend your commission once or twice. Maybe you’ve had a client who thinks “you just put a sign in the ground and collect the money.” Or that all you do is drive people around in your car. Here at Point2, we […]

4 Tips for GREAT Real Estate Ads

real estate ads

Do you ever place classified ads for your listings in print or online? Classified ads can help you target a specific audience (readers of your local paper, for instance). Another benefit is that people who take the time to read the ads are usually actually looking for something, so you know you’re reaching interested prospects. […]

Point2 Homes Generates More Leads Than Ever Before

Point2 Homes Infographic Traffic

Great news, agents! We are happy to report that recent stats show that Point2 Homes continues to be one of the fastest growing real estate search portals in Canada. With more traffic, more views and more leads than ever before, Point2 Homes is the place to showcase your listings! More Opportunities for Agents Are you […]

Increase Engagement with Organic Targeting on Facebook


It’s no secret that organic reach for Facebook business pages has decreased dramatically over the last year or so. Many brands are seeing their organic Facebook posts reach just 5% or less of their fan base. Facebook advertising is a great way to engage client and prospects, but of course you can’t afford to boost […]

3 Ideas for Fun Client Appreciation Events

Real Estate Client Appreciation Events

Client appreciation events are a great way for agents, brokers and offices to show clients and referral partners that you appreciate their business and referrals. Nothing beats a great event for establishing rapport, building your business and getting tongues wagging about how great your brand and services are! Hosting a successful event requires planning and […]