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New to Point2 Homes: Add Your Listing, Canada!


For all of those Canadian agents out there who aren’t Point2 Agent users yet (and why not?) we have added a brand new way to submit your listings to Point2 Homes. Listings can be added automatically directly from CREA or your association. Learn more: Today we’re excited to announce a new feature on Point2 Homes, […]

Selling History: Using a Home’s Past to Your Advantage

selling history

Many of today’s buyers seek qualities that make a property unique.  When the singular characteristics of a home aren’t obvious, a bit of research could help. Unearth a multitude of selling points by discovering the history of your listings! Every property has a story to tell. Older homes offer the greatest diversity of possibilities: maybe […]

Point2 Agent Success Story: Marta Andre

marta andre

This month’s Point2 Agent Success Story comes to us from Marta Andre, an agent in Niagara Falls, Ontario who reached out to talk to us about the success of her Featured Ads on Point2 Homes. I love Point2 Featured Ads – they are affordable and the best return for my money on any ad I […]

Million Dollar Listings: Canada Edition

maple leaf

Last week we shared a post highlighting how much house $1,000,000 could buy you in 6 different cities across the US. Today we’re turning the spotlight on Canada. Are you ready to see what you can buy with a pile of Canadian dollars? We might be biased, but we feel like there are some pretty fine […]

Million Dollar Listings

million dollar listings

Remember when a million dollars seemed like a lot of dough – a sum only the very wealthy could even truly fathom? When millionaires were few and far between? Well today it seems like they are everywhere! What with a premium on space in many cities and the rebound of the market (hooray!), there are a […]

In the News: Point2 Real Estate Portals


Have you seen anything about Point2 in the news lately? If you read the Wall Street Journal or RISMedia, you might have stumbled across one of our recent press releases announcing the launch of new real estate search portals we are building for MLSs and associations. That’s right, we’re helping MLSs and associations (and their […]

Celeb Real Estate on Point2 Homes

Here at Point2, we browse Point2 Homes fairly often. We suspect you look at it sometimes, too. Between checking out regional home prices and making fantasy lists of future dream homes, there’s one other thing we like to do: hunt for celebrity homes. File this under, “Celebrities: they’re just like us!” Even the rich and […]

Introducing ShowHome: Our First iPad App

Today we’re happy to announce the launch of ShowHome, a brand new app designed to help Point2 members quickly and elegantly enhance the home showing experience for your clients using the iPad’s interactive presentation capabilities. The first mobile app of its kind, ShowHome enhances the home showing experience by leveraging your Point2 account to display valuable listing […]

Big Updates and Improvements From Point2

Howdy folks, We here in Point2 land have been working like gangbusters (whom we’re told are incredibly efficient workers) over the last few months.  Today we have all kinds of new stuff to show you that we are incredibly excited about and know that you are going to love. So, let’s get started shall we? 1. Online […]

Point2 2011 Q4 Report: Where Are International Buyers Looking For Property?

A few months ago, we posted our first U.S. International Real Estate Traffic report, for Q3 2011.  International buyers seem to persistently make up a solid part of online browsing for the U.S. market.  So here are the follow-on report topline stats, for the fourth quarter of 2011. Florida, Arizona and Nevada were once again […]