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Picture Perfect: How to Rotate Listing Photos


Agents, it’s time for us to talk about a sensitive subject. We realize this may affect you, your colleagues and even your friends. But we just can’t turn a blind eye anymore. Listing photos should always be rotated to appear correctly to an upright viewer. There, we said it. Sadly, sideways or even upside down […]

Point2 Product Updates – July 17, 2014

Point2 Agent Product Updates

We hope everyone is having a great summer! Our recent Point2 Agent product updates are as follows: Online Office The Executive Reports page that previously showed your membership to be Express when you were on a Professional Trial has been changed. You will now show up as Professional in order to clear up any confusion about your […]

Hot Tip: The 5 Easy Pieces to Make More Profits

5 Domino Dollars

Are you looking for a fast fix or focused on a long-term payoff? Darren Hardy, author of the best selling book The Compound Effect, states that behind success is not the big steps, but a series of very small incremental steps that ultimately land us in the profit zone. Sounds pretty simple, but in reality, […]

Point2 Agent Product Updates – June 26th, 2014

Point2 Agent Product Updates

Hello, real estate pros! We have a great series of Point2 Agent updates for you today… prepare to be impressed! General Updates We have increased the number of FREE Featured Ads included in our Professional and Elite memberships. Point2 Agent Professional users now get 1 Featured Agent Ad and 3 Featured Listing Ads on Point2 Homes each month. Elite […]

Agent Advice: Working from Home Sweet Home

working from home

One of the marvels of the mobile age is that real estate agents and brokers can now work from practically anywhere. In many cases, modern technology makes it possible for you to work just as efficiently from home as you could from a more traditional brokerage office. It can be more convenient to work outside […]

Point2 Agent: Now Better than Ever!


New to Point2 Agent Professional and Elite Memberships Point2 Agent is better than ever. We’ve recently amped up your memberships by adding more Featured Listing Ads to our Professional and Elite memberships. Point2 Agent Professional members now get 3 Featured Listing Ads on Point2 Homes each month! Point2 Agent Elite members now get 20 Featured Listings […]

Point2 Agent Product Updates – June 12, 2014

Point2 Agent Product Updates

Hello everyone. A few exciting updates for you today – we hope you find them as awesome as we do! Agent Sites We have updated the address display on Agent Websites to show suite numbers for properties if they have one appended to the regular address. We have made an update for our brokers that will allow […]

Point2 Agent Product Updates – June 5, 2014

Point2 Agent Product Updates

Hi everyone! We hope you’ve had a great start to the month. There are a couple of quick product enhancements to show off today, which we know will prove very useful for our members. Agent Sites Your unpublished Property Sites will now redirect to your primary Agent Website. If you have not yet set up […]

Ask Customer Care: Why isn’t my listing on XYZ website?


Dear readers, It’s time for another fabulous installment of Ask Customer Care, the series that answers your most frequently asked questions about Point2 Agent. Today’s question is one we get asked fairly often, in one form or another. Don’t forget, our fabulous customer support service is 100% free! If you have a question for our […]

Point2 Agent Product Updates – May 29, 2014

Point2 Agent Product Updates

It’s been a busy month so far, and we’ve got a whole ton of updates for you today! Agent Site: The Google Earth, XML, etc. links have been removed from the Listings module in Agent Sites. We’ve corrected a bug where the Agent Site Listings module configuration page was not displaying the correct ‘Feature’ filter […]