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6 REALTOR® Safety Tips [Infographic]

Safety Tips Inforgraphic

September is REALTOR® Safety Month! What a great time to review your working habits to make sure you are being as safe as possible. We’ve rounded up 6 easy safety tips to protect both yourself and your clients while at the office and in the field. Want to share this infographic on your own site? […]

Point2 Agent Product Updates – Sept 11, 2014

Point2 Agent Product Updates

We hope everyone is having a great September so far. Now that the summer selling season is winding to a close, many agents are taking a fresh look at their online marketing presence and making changes to help build their businesses. With that in mind, here are a few recent updates we have made to […]

Time Is Running Out!

LastChance Blog_09-02_r2

Our biggest sale of the year ends September 5th Don’t miss your opportunity to take advantage of big savings on Point2 Agent Professional and Elite memberships! Call 888-277-9779 today to save big and secure your savings for years to come. “Point2 consistently delivers more views at a lower cost per view than any other system […]

Ready to Harness the Power of Lead Mastery?

Verl Workman

What if you never needed to worry about another lead….ever?! Ask a “freakin’ sales animal, top producing, get it done kinda guy” like Verl Workman, and you WILL get real lead mastery strategies! Verl Workman is the type of person that everyone loves to meet. He is fun, funny, authentic, engaging and yes, a GREAT […]

Point2 Agent Product Updates – August 7, 2014

Point2 Agent Product Updates

We hope August is  treating everyone well so far! We’ve made a few exciting improvements and updates to Point2 Agent, and they are as follows: Agent Site The Mantra theme has been updated to improve the overall look and feel of the theme. We have updated the Splash Page to ensure that if it is […]

Our Biggest Sale of the Year!

biggest sale of the year

Exciting news, agents: Starting today – for one glorious month – the Point2 Agent Summer Promo is on! That’s right, our biggest sale of the year is happening now. Capture more leads with our new and enhanced Professional package at an amazing price. Call 888-277-9779 to save $150 today Installment payments are available During our […]

Infographic: 5 BAD IDEAS for Real Estate Websites


What makes a bad website? You know it when you see it. You know it when you immediately click the back button or close the window or call your coworker over to see just how bad it really is. But do you know what components are making you have that reaction? In this infographic, we […]

Picture Perfect: How to Rotate Listing Photos


Agents, it’s time for us to talk about a sensitive subject. We realize this may affect you, your colleagues and even your friends. But we just can’t turn a blind eye anymore. Listing photos should always be rotated to appear correctly to an upright viewer. There, we said it. Sadly, sideways or even upside down […]

Point2 Product Updates – July 17, 2014

Point2 Agent Product Updates

We hope everyone is having a great summer! Our recent Point2 Agent product updates are as follows: Online Office The Executive Reports page that previously showed your membership to be Express when you were on a Professional Trial has been changed. You will now show up as Professional in order to clear up any confusion about your […]

Hot Tip: The 5 Easy Pieces to Make More Profits

5 Domino Dollars

Are you looking for a fast fix or focused on a long-term payoff? Darren Hardy, author of the best selling book The Compound Effect, states that behind success is not the big steps, but a series of very small incremental steps that ultimately land us in the profit zone. Sounds pretty simple, but in reality, […]