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So, You Want to Be a Broker?

so you want to be a broker

Considering the transition from real estate agent to broker? There is more in your future than a few classes and a bigger paycheck. There are several factors to consider before taking the plunge into brokerage. As an agent, you’ve earned your stripes by fulfilling your state’s licensing requirements. You may even be a REALTOR®, upholding […]

Easter Marketing Ideas for Real Estate

Easter Marketing Ideas for Real Estate

It’s finally spring! This is a great time to bump up your real estate marketing, and Easter provides a number of fun opportunities for connecting with the people in your area – both clients and potential clients. Today we’ve gathered up four Easter marketing ideas for real estate agents. There’s still plenty of time to […]

Ask Customer Care

Ask Customer Care

If you’re a Point2 Agent subscriber, you probably already know that you have unlimited access to our dedicated Customer Care team. This fabulous group of highly-trained (and super friendly) people will answer all of your questions, help you keep your account up to date and so much more. Of course, we understand that as much […]

How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make?

How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make

It’s common question for consumers, students and real estate professionals: How much do real estate agents make? The answer can vary wildly depending on where you’re working, how many hours a week and with whom. We’ve created an infographic to explain some of the variables below. Whether you’re an agent, a potential buyer or just someone […]

Real Estate Comics – Part 2

comics stressful

It’s Thursday, and we’re in the mood for a laugh. Since the response to our first Real Estate Comics post was so overwhelming positive, we decided it’s time for a follow up. Because the real estate industry means serious business… most of the time! This last comic was found on a very funny Facebook page […]

Helping Senior Sellers

Senior Sellers

Seniors have the highest home ownership rate in the nation, with a full 81.2% of 65-year olds reporting that they own the home they live in. After this age, ownership rates start to decline as seniors sell and relocate to be nearer to family members or join a retirement community. There are multiple benefits for a real […]

Social Media for Luxury Real Estate

social media for luxury real estate

Anyone trying to sell anything knows that marketing is important, and the marketing industry has become obsessed with social media. For most real estate, this is no exception, but for those in the luxury niche, it can be difficult to pinpoint which marketing tactics just won’t work. After all, luxury is all about exclusivity, while […]

FONTASTIC! The Best Fonts for Real Estate Websites

fonts for real estate

You’re a savvy real estate agent. You sell for a living. Your personality and skills speak for themselves when you meet members of your community in real life. And your real estate website represents you to the multitudes of online home buyers and sellers searching the web every day. You’ve got a charismatic headshot, catchy […]

Real Estate Domain Extensions

domain extensions

If there’s one thing we keep an eye on around here, it’s domains (we’re an exciting bunch, we know). We had just done a lot of reading on the recent .realtor news when a friend mentioned that .estate is now available. That got us wondering: What other real estate-related domain extensions are coming up for […]

How to Market Your Worth


Learn to market your value by promoting the indispensable nature of your skills and expertise. We have seen a spike in for sale by owner listings. ForSaleByOwner’s site reported an increase of 14% in the past year alone. On one hand, that’s a healthy sign: FSBOs peak when homeowners feel that the market is on […]