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One House: 12 Social Media Marketing Strategies


Did you know the search term “sell a house on social media” gets over 175,000,000 results? It seems like everyone wants to know how to use the power of social media to reach interested buyers. And that shouldn’t come as any surprise, with millions of prospects logging in to share, tweet and chat every day. […]

3 Summer Real Estate Marketing Ideas

3SumMrkt Ideas_06-24_300x300_blog

At last, summer is officially here! With nice weather and longer days come plenty of new opportunities to meet more customers in your area. It’s also the perfect time of year to reconnect with past clients and pump up your referral business. Here are three ideas to get you started: 1. Organize a Community Service […]

Summer Pop-By Gifts for Real Estate


Last fall’s 5 Fun Agent Pop-By Ideas post was such a big hit that we decided to create a summer version! In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, a “pop-by gift” is an inexpensive present that you can give on any occasion (when you’re just “popping by”). These gifts show appreciation and help keep the […]

11 DON’Ts for Tech Savvy Agents

technology don

Digital etiquette: what is it and what does it mean for real estate professionals? With an ever-expanding world of tech tools and toys, it can feel impossible to keep up – with both trends and client expectations. We’re all just doing our best! In an effort to make navigating today’s digital marketplace a little easier, […]

7 Real Estate Agent Must Haves

real estate agent must haves

Real estate is not always an office job. In fact, more often than not, agents find themselves doing business out in the field. Meeting prospective sellers, showing buyers around, organizing marketing and events… a lot of this gets done on the go! Whether you’re working from your car, a coffee shop, a vacant listing, your […]

How Many Real Estate Agents Are There in Canada?

How many real estate agents in canada

Have you ever stopped to wonder how many real estate agents there are in Canada? Since real estate is our business, we certainly have. And whether you’re a buyer or a seller looking for representation or an agent checking out the competition in the marketplace (or maybe you fall somewhere in between), this number is […]

10 Real Estate Agent Problems


Every job comes with a unique set of problems and being a real estate agent is no exception! If you’re ever looking for a laugh, we highly recommend you check out the #realtorproblems hashtag on both Twitter and Instagram. Today we’re sharing 10 of the funniest recent posts:                 […]

4 Worst Twitter Advertising Mistakes

twitter advertising

Today’s guest post comes to us from Erica Rascón, an online content developer and contributing editor for The Balance Sheet — the Yardi corporate blog. You’ve read the Quick Guide for Twitter Advertising, which is an excellent start to social media marketing. But knowing what not to do can be just as important as knowing what to […]

Unusual Homes in Canada

Unusual Homes in Canada

Here at Point2, we get to see a lot of homes. Condos, single-family homes, apartments… if it’s been listed, we’ve seen it. Of course, our favourites are the unusual homes. Treehouses, earth houses, famous houses—you never know what you’ll find in real estate around the world. Today we’re taking a look at some unusual homes right […]

How to Choose a Real Estate Agent

How to choose a real estate agent

What makes one real estate agent a better fit for your family or property than another? With so many agents and brokers out there, it can be hard to decide whom to work with. Today we’ve put together some tips that will help buyers and sellers find their perfect match. We always recommend that consumers […]