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7 Funny Real Estate Memes

Meme 7

Who says real estate agents don’t have a sense of humor? Not us! These seven funny real estate memes will start your week with a chuckle. Don’t forget to share your favorites!               If you’re looking for more hilarious real estate humor, definitely check out our funny real estate […]

3 Tips to Sell a House in Spring


The big thaw is finally here… for a lot of us, anyway! Not just in terms of temperatures, but also as relates to home buyers. Many potential buyers have weathered to storm of the holidays and are now ready to see what’s on the market. If you have listings you’re ready to bring to market […]

Top 13 Real Estate Events in Canada in 2015


Are you a Canadian broker or agent? If so, this is the list for you! Real estate events like trade shows and conferences are the perfect way to expand your sphere of influence and learn what’s new in our industry. You can swap business cards, network like a pro and be inspired by keynote speakers and other […]

3 Tips for Social Media Success for Real Estate Agents


It’s hard to figure out why there are still real estate agents who don’t include social media objectives in their business plans. There are so many benefits for real estate agents who use social media (which is an article all in itself). Some real estate agents make using social media look like solving a Rubik’s cube. It […]

How to Text Your Email-Only Leads

text your email leads

Do you get Internet leads that give you only their email address and not a phone number? Following up with email-only leads is important. You can send them a message or put them on a drip email program if you use Point2 Agent. But we all know that a lot of people give junk email addresses when they […]

Fun with Real Estate Marketing: Silly Holidays in 2015


Doesn’t it seem like there’s a holiday for everything these days? Well, if you’re a real estate agent, that’s actually the good news! Silly holidays are a great way to bring some fun into your marketing plan for the year ahead. Marketing doesn’t always have to be so serious. People only have so much patience for […]

3 Great Real Estate Books to Read in the New Year


The New Year is an excellent time to polish your skills, set new goals and reignite your passion for real estate! We’ve found three must-reads that may make goal setting (and goal achieving!) a bit easier this year. Laugh Your Way to Real Estate Sales Success: For Real Estate Agents, WannaBes, UsedToBes, & Those Who […]

4 Apps to Get Organized in 2015

apps to get organized

New year, new organizational tools! January is the perfect time to position yourself for a productive year ahead by getting organized. But there are so many tools, solutions and systems on the market, it can be hard to get started. To make it a little easier, we’ve rounded up four of our favorite organizational apps […]

January To-Do List for Real Estate Agents


Happy New Year, agents! We wish you all a very prosperous 2015. To help you get started on the right foot, we’ve created this easy, week-by-week to-do list for the month of January. These weekly tasks will clear out last year’s clutter and position you to close more sales than ever before. Week 1 (Jan […]

Top 5 Blog Posts of 2014


2014 has been a banner year for the Point2 Agent blog! With well over half a million views, our little blog has shared some very popular articles for real estate agents, buyers and sellers this year. We’ve published more than 250 posts in the past 12 months, but we don’t blame you if didn’t have […]