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Blog Post Ideas

Many people hesitate to blog, or even begin a blog, because they feel as though “I have nothing to talk about!” This is most definitely not the case. If you know anything about the industry you are part of, the neighborhoods you sell in, or have the power of observation, you are a fountain of important information!

Getting the inspiration for a blog entry can sometimes be challenging, especially if dealing with dreaded ‘writer’s block.’ To aid in your next blogging session, here are some topic ideas to help get you started:

  • UpcomingKeyboard1 Blog Post Ideas
    • concerts or shows
    • sports events
    • charity events or dinners
    • school events (plays, variety fairs, science fairs, etc)
    • parades
    • fireworks
    • holiday celebrations
  • Community
    • picnics
    • garage sales
    • meet-and-greets
    • recycling drives
    • neighborhood clean-ups
    • days in the park
    • local roadway construction
    • new businesses or services offered in the area
    • school district information
    • newsletters
  • Real Estate
    • market trends
    • open houses
    • architectural styles
    • tips for buyers
    • tips for sellers
    • apps for real estate
    • home staging advice
    • landscaping tips
    • professional referrals
    • contract negotiation advice
    • anything that people looking at or living in your neighborhoods would find interesting

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. Your blog is also a great place to share any videos you make, including neighborhood tours and happy client interviews.

The key thing to keep in mind is this: keep it brief, to the point and centered around a topic that would be interesting to the reader. 

The easier the information is to digest quickly, the better the chances of online visitors reading it and continuing to return to your site for further information.

Want some other ideas for connecting to your clients? Check out some of Terri’s great ideas for events and things to provide your clients…which would also make for great blog content!

Happy blogging!

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