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It’s Finally Here: The Point2 Agent Facebook App!

FB House Icon Its Finally Here: The Point2 Agent Facebook App!As promised, today we have a super special announcement:

The Point2 Agent Facebook app is live!

What does this mean for you? If you’re already a Point2 Agent member, it means you now have a new way to increase your exposure and get more leads on the world’s largest social network.

Our Facebook app enables you to share your listings on your Facebook business page. Just connect your Point2 Agent account with your Facebook account (instructions here) and voila! You’ve got a brand new, professional way to share your listings with your followers.

point2 agent facebook app Its Finally Here: The Point2 Agent Facebook App!

Adding listings to your Facebook business page is easy!

How does this benefit your Facebook fans?

  • Instant access to the newest listings
  • One-stop home shopping without ever leaving Facebook
  • An easy way to share interesting listings with friends & family

If you’re not a Point2 Agent user yet, now is the time to join! Take advantage of our summer sale to sign up for the lowest price of the season. Get started boosting your exposure and growing your revenue with our complete marketing toolkit for real estate professionals. Learn more or talk to our team today by calling 888-277-9779.

We think the new Point2 Facebook App is the cat’s meow! What do you think?


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