Upcoming Webinar: Smart Marketing That Zaps the Generational Gap

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Did you know there are four generational consumer groups in our marketplace right now? And that each one of these groups responds to your marketing and communication differently? Point2 has the scoop for you! generation-gap

Terri Murphy, real estate communication specialist, will share her expert marketing tips with you. See more returns on your marketing investment when you learn communication strategies that zap the generation gap.

You will learn:

  • How to write copy that resonates with the core values and preferences of your target market
  • Which communication channels work best to attract, engage, connect and convert prospects
  • How to fine tune your marketing to gather more responses and receive a greater return on your time investment – both online and offline
  • How to “narrow-cast” instead of “broad-cast” your marketing messages to become the celebrity authority in your marketplace

Get ready to maximize your selling potential by making easy tweaks to your client communications. Click here to register now.

What: Success Series Webinar ft. Terri Murphy
When: Thursday, March 21st
The webinar is now over.
Recording: HERE

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