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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Point2 2011 Q4 Report: Where Are International Buyers Looking For Property?

A few months ago, we posted our first U.S. International Real Estate Traffic report, for Q3 2011.  International buyers seem to persistently make up a solid part of online browsing for the U.S. market.  So here are the follow-on report topline stats, for the fourth quarter of 2011. Florida, Arizona and Nevada were once again […]

Marketing To The Google Generation

touch technology

How to use Real Estate Marketing Technology Effectively By: Jacquelyn Bauer – Director, Point2 Customer Care  Download the full PDF White Paper right here. Today, my 70-year-old grandmother has an iPad.  Most pre-teens own a smartphone.  And the term “cloud-computing” is recognized and understood by a vast majority of the population.  Technology is such a ubiquitous […]

More Bang for Your Buck, with Integrated Design and Audio

Get A Grip Audio has been providing members of the Point2 community audio and marketing solutions for over four years.  During that time, they have also been learning a variety of new ways that audio can be included on member websites. We, along with Get A Grip Audio and Web Solutions, are very pleased to […]

The New Listing Magnet: Part Three

A sure fire idea to get sellers excited about your services during a new listing presentation. Marketing properties is where the magic is, and owners evaluating your services want to know that you can do this better than anyone else. You’ve supplemented your traditional marketing plans with Syndication, an automated way to advertise the client’s home on […]

The New Listing Magnet: Part Two

What’s in your pitch? Importantly, how much marketing punch does it pack? Besides your negotiating skills, neighborhood expertise and a flawless reputation, criteria that many local competitors might also have, sellers want to know how aggressively you will advertise and promote their property. A quick sale at the highest price possible is every home seller’s […]

4 Tips to Drive More Traffic to Your IDX Search

drive traffic

Every Realtor® wants more leads, but may not know how to get more leads.  When people are shopping for homes, what do they want to see? You got it, listings, lots and lots of listings. IDX gives you the ability to showcase all of the MLS listings on your site. Since people want to see […]

The New Listing Magnet

How to get more listings with little effort. As a wise man once told me, there are no buyer’s agents, just agents without listings. Listings are the most valuable asset a real estate brokerage or agent has. But generating new listings, while not exactly a complex science, requires that a home seller develops the confidence […]

The Three C’s of Content

If you have your own website and/or blog, you might have trouble keeping the content fresh. Fresh content helps your SEO, and also gives visitors a reason to come back to your site at a later date to look for updates. You can add valuable content to your site(s) in several different ways—you can create […]