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Monthly Archives: December 2011

A Sparkling Image Sells


Why keeping your online storefront spiffy is good for business. You approach a store or restaurant and immediately form an impression that is pivotal to whether you enter or not. You haven’t even set foot in the place yet! Once you’re in, many things come into play to reinforce your initial perception, neutralize it or […]

Jeremy Sells Homes!

How to make your local ads stand out, and your ad dollars go farther. If it’s not Jeremy, it’s Alicia or Rob, or Jennifer. Everyone sells homes and they spend thousands each year repeating that message over and over in their advertising. You see that message on bus benches, local papers, postcards and business cards. […]

60 Second Magic

How to engage prospects on your website with powerful video. Video is being lauded by the industry as the next big wave. Not long ago, it seemed daunting to think of creating a video and posting it on your website. The tools were expensive and the ROI (return on investment) was not too obvious. Internet […]

Point2 Report: Where Are International Buyers Looking For Property?


With a depressed US economy, there is no denying the fact that there just aren’t as many people searching for homes as there used to be. As domestic real estate activity has cooled, many real estate professionals have turned towards international buyers in order to drive their business forward. In turn, an exploding niche of real […]