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Monthly Archives: October 2011

The Pencil Still Rules

hand drawing hand

Making your real estate marketing goals count. The thought of a real estate agent or broker investing in powerful marketing and not reaping the maximum benefit is disturbing. But most of us tend to get quite excited about things that show great promise. We initiate programs and nurture them to a certain degree, then, besides […]

Trade Show Kings and Queens

How to turn convention chaos into more money in your pocket and great food for your mind. Anyone planning to attend a trade show knows the feeling of exhaustion that often comes right after. Rightfully, the ROI question also races through our minds. We find ourselves trying to justify the days spent attending sessions and […]

Three Easy Ways to Lead More Effective Meetings


How engaging are your meetings? Are your participants actively engaged in your meeting or are they texting and playing games on their iPhones? If you would like to lead more effective meetings, here are three easy steps to follow: 1. Shift from being “I” or “me” focused to being “you” or “group focused” This is […]