Syndication: Just Keeps Gettin’ Bigger

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Woah!  Where have I been?!  Last time I checked we were hovering around 43 syndication partners.  Well, guess what – I had a look at our syndication network today…and it appears as though it has grown again.

On that note…I am happy to mention a few of the newer ones I caught a glimpse of on the list. – Intended specifically for those looking for something on the fancy side of things – like me…well, maybe…someday. With 49,000 unique visitors per month, is one of the next up-and-coming global hot spots for buyers to find the ultimate dream home. – Dubbed ‘Next Generation Real Estate’, is dedicated to providing solutions for home buyers needing funding assistance (also like me), investors looking for ways to purchase without out-of-pocket cash, as well as helping Realtors grow their business. – Bringing all real estate search websites together, amalgamates listings from online search sites into one real estate and rental search engine.  Their easy to use interface allows customers to search listings quickly without the hassle of visiting multiple sites. – Tailored to cater to the real estate investor, allows real estate investors to locate, filter, and analyze potential real estate investments.  Investors are able to search by cash flow, listing date, and even estimated equity.

So there you are!  Just a few more ways your listing is reaching the eyes of consumers.  I’m sure the next time I have a peek there will be even more.  It’s a good thing I’m paying attention. 😉

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    Looks like this article should be revised to talk about The Housing Block only. Unless i’m loosing it, it appears they are the only website that is running.
    I may add their website is a great resource and a BIG + to have within the Point2 family.

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    I just love Point2. Can’t stop giving you great ratings for your great service and improvements.

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      Thank you for your kind words Marta! I hope you have a great week :)