Point2 & Clareity Get Down at NAR Midyear

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Point2 and Clareity Security hosted the after-party during NAR Midyear in Washington, D.C. last week and it was – as the kids say – the bomb.

Our party was such a smashing success that I bet if you missed it you probably cried yourself to sleep that night.  And in case you weren’t already sad enough … here’s a little recap of our boss party to show you just how much fun you missed.

The venue.  Our little gathering was held at Eighteenth Street Lounge.  The club is one of those fabulous so-hip-it-doesn’t-need-a-sign, exclusive-feeling dealies.  The atmosphere was awesome and the vibe was great.

The party was ‘lightly jazz-themed’ in preparation for the NAR Annual Conference & Expo in New Orleans later this year.  Beads, masks and feather boas abound as our guests got into the NARdi Gras spirit a bit early.

We were also pleased with the turnout to our little shindig.  Hosting a party like this allowed us to not only to have a great time and unwind after a busy couple of days, but meet up with some folks who we may not have had a chance to see during the days full of meetings.  Catching up with old acquaintances, making new ones, exchanging a few cards, getting invited to a lakeside retreat.  All good stuff.

It was a lot of fun co-hosting the party with Clareity’s Gregg, Dena, and crew – and the Clareity Security Monkey.  Hopefully we will have an opportunity to do something like this again in the near future.

We can’t wait to see everyone again and party it up network at NAR Annual in New Orleans – NARdiGras, November 5-8, 2010.

There was just one thing missing from an otherwise awesome night.  Me.  (Or that’s what I keep telling myself.)  Maybe they’ll take me with them next time.

Hint, hint.

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