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Twitter News: Now You Can Upload Videos on the Go


File this under “social media news you may have missed.” In late January, Twitter added the capability to record and upload videos within the Twitter mobile app. It’s now easier than ever before to have a multimedia presence on Twitter. Twitter is a fast-paced social media platform that allows you to share your content in […]

Kids and Real Estate: 5 Tips for Your Buyers


Buying or selling a home can be stressful. There are so many calls to make, appointments to keep and documents to track and organize. For families with young children, these transactions can get even more complicated with elaborate schedules and childcare situations. If you are an agent who frequently works with buyers who have young […]

Recap: What Agents REALLY Want from Their Brokers


If you have been following our blog lately, you know that we started a new broker profitability series for brokers and managers this year. This monthly online coaching event is designed to help them power up their businesses with tips from top real estate coaches. Well, now we’re happy to announce that we have added […]

Faces of Point2 – Daniel Czank

Daniel Czank

Title: Programmer Start Date: June 2014 Daniel Czank (with a silent “C”) is a programmer for one of our Yardi projects and would almost be considered a newbie if there hadn’t been so many hired after him. When asked if he goes by Daniel or something else, he said “Daniel, Dan, Danny…I’m okay with any […]

Top Home Buyer FAQs

home buyer faqs

Are you looking for ways to be more helpful to online consumers? These are some of the most frequently asked questions by homebuyers – questions that people in your area are searching right now! Add these FAQs to the buyer resource page on your real estate website to help prospects and leads who are looking […]

Join Us: Online Coaching for Top Agents


Smart agents choose to work with brokers who either help them build a successful business or get out of the way so that they can do it themselves! But what exactly do agents really want from their managers? The myth has always been about compensation splits, but in today’s ever-changing marketplace, there is so much […]

Recap: How to Attract, Grow and Keep Top Agents


Yesterday we hosted our second online training event for brokers and managers, and it was a smashing success! Special guests Bernice Ross and Paul Wells joined our favorite host and coach, Terri Murphy, for an informative session about recruiting and keeping top agents at your brokerage. Because we all know that happy and productive agents […]

5 Facebook Cover Image Ideas for Agents


Agents, how often do you update your Facebook cover image? Monthly? Annually? Never? Your Facebook cover image is the big, banner-type thing that takes up a lot of real estate behind your profile photo. This is prime marketing space that you could be using to attract prospects. Used wisely, your Facebook cover image can get leads to […]

(Sort of) Quick Guide to Interpreting Website Analytics


Effective marketing can spark the transition from part-time agent to full-time agent in no time at all. To make your efforts as profitable as possible, you must understand and interpret the metrics on your reports. Data from analytics can be intimidating, especially if you don’t feel like you’re a math person. We can help you […]

6 Tips for Better Real Estate Photos

better real estate photos

When today’s home buyers are ready to go from online shopping to in-person viewing, we all know that listing photos can be the deciding factor. Recent research revealed that a listing with between 10 and 15 photos has the best chance of generating leads. But they can’t be just any photos of course. To have […]