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Online Broker Training: Highlights


Did you miss our first virtual training session for brokers and their teams earlier this week? If so, we’re sorry you couldn’t join us. Real estate coach Terri Murphy and her two special guests served up tons of broker profitability tips in under 40 minutes, including easy marketing and organizational strategies you can put in […]

Ask Customer Care: Google Analytics


Dear readers, We are delighted to add yet another installment to our super helpful “Ask Customer Care” blog series. If you haven’t had the chance to interact with our Customer Care team yet, you should know that they are the friendliest customer service team around! Our customer service is free and unlimited, so if you have […]

Rent Growth Approaches 4.5% in 2015

Rent Growth Annual Amount

Today we have some rental news to share from our friends at Pierce-Eislen. If you’re an agent who also works with rentals, we’re sure you’ll find this interesting. And even if you never work with rentals, rent growth means that more people will be interested in discovering whether buying is a viable option for them […]

High Rise Homes on Point2 Homes


So far we’ve shown you tiny homes, earth homes, tree houses and even homes of the future! But what about high rise homes? A hundred years ago, skyscraper and high rise homes were thought to be extremely futuristic, but now they’re a skyline mainstay in big cities all over the world. And a real estate […]

You’re Invited: 5 Broker Practices That Can Double Profits


As another year launches, broker-owners are faced with how to get more sales from their agents. Many offices depend heavily on what has worked in the past. But what if you could pick the brains of highly profitable broker-owners to find out how they have greatly increased their profitability, retention and recruitment in 2014? Point2 […]

4 Pieces of Wearable Tech for Real Estate Agents


Welcome to the future, agents! Remember when Walter Cronkite predicted that “in the 21st century, it may be that no home will be complete without a computerized communications console”? And now, of course, we all carry smartphones in our pockets and tablets everywhere we go. Well, it’s time to go even one step farther. Today […]

Improve Your Real Estate Writing in 7 Easy Steps


You didn’t get into real estate to be a writer, did you? But now it turns out that writing is a huge part of your job. From listing descriptions to blog posts to tweets, you have a lot of opportunities to write sentences. And there are a lot of clients and colleagues out there who […]

How to Make Your Own Emoticons

real estate emoticons

Here’s a fun tip for today’s tech-savvy real estate agents: you can make your own emoticons and use them in your text messages. Making your own emoticons is a fun way to make your texts stand out and make your brand more memorable. All you need to do to get started is to download an app. […]

3 Tips for Social Media Success for Real Estate Agents


It’s hard to figure out why there are still real estate agents who don’t include social media objectives in their business plans. There are so many benefits for real estate agents who use social media (which is an article all in itself). Some real estate agents make using social media look like solving a Rubik’s cube. It […]

How to Text Your Email-Only Leads

text your email leads

Do you get Internet leads that give you only their email address and not a phone number? Following up with email-only leads is important. You can send them a message or put them on a drip email program if you use Point2 Agent. But we all know that a lot of people give junk email addresses when they […]