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How to Hire a Real Estate Assistant: Do’s and Don’ts

how to hire a real estate assistant

It’s no secret that real estate agents are busy people! From meeting with clients and conducting home tours to coordinating home inspections and making sure that every ‘i’ is dotted and ‘t’ is crossed on legal documents, it can be hard to find enough hours in the day to do all that other administrative work […]

Agent Coaching: Revamp, Redesign & Reignite Your Sales!


It’s long past January when we all made those lofty New Year’s resolutions, but are you on track or off beat? No matter what business you are in, staying on track is the most challenging activity we face every day. Real estate is one of those businesses where you can be “busy” but not be […]

Increase Engagement with Organic Targeting on Facebook


It’s no secret that organic reach for Facebook business pages has decreased dramatically over the last year or so. Many brands are seeing their organic Facebook posts reach just 5% or less of their fan base. Facebook advertising is a great way to engage client and prospects, but of course you can’t afford to boost […]

3 Ideas for Fun Client Appreciation Events

Real Estate Client Appreciation Events

Client appreciation events are a great way for agents, brokers and offices to show clients and referral partners that you appreciate their business and referrals. Nothing beats a great event for establishing rapport, building your business and getting tongues wagging about how great your brand and services are! Hosting a successful event requires planning and […]

A Quick Guide to Twitter Advertising for Real Estate

Twitter Advertising

Today’s guest post comes to us from Erica Rascón, an online content developer and contributing editor for The Balance Sheet — the Yardi corporate blog. If you’re not advertising on Twitter, you’re missing out on the opportunity to reach nearly 288 million monthly active users on the platform. Not all of those users are your ideal clients, but […]

Recap: Building the Best Brokerage Team

Broker Training Lillian Montalto

Oh wow! Yesterday’s online broker training event was dubbed by one of our attendees as “the best webinar of the year!” That is definitely due to our wonderful special guest (and broker extraordinaire) Lillian Montalto. Lillian joined us to explain how her hiring, training and accountability practices have helped her build one of the most powerful […]

How to Use Domains for Lead Tracking

how to use domains for lead tracking

Today we have a fun online marketing tip for all the agents and brokers with websites out there. (Hopefully, that means you!) We’re going to teach you how you can use domains to track the success of your various advertising sources, like newspaper ads, billboards, bus benches, pens etc. And it’s so easy, you’ll probably […]

Top 10 Real Estate Sayings & Quotes

real estate sayings

Pretty much every industry has some silly sayings or jargon that sounds like nonsense to people who aren’t in the know. Real estate is no different. There are plenty of funny real estate sayings that agents and brokers use all the time – sayings that your average consumer might not understand. We rounded up 10 […]

Faces of Point2 – Ryan Tilk

Ryan Tilk

Title: Software Developer Start Date: November 2008 Meet Ryan Tilk. In his 6 years of working at Point2, Ryan has worked on many projects, the most recent being work on the Energy Team for our parent company Yardi. From Lord of the Rings to Minecraft, woodworking and making sushi, Ryan’s interests outside of work are […]

How to Attract, Grow and Maintain a Top Producing Team


We all know that building a profitable brokerage starts with great agents and top leadership, but how can you be sure you choose the right professionals? A critical component in any business is a strong brand that offers a differentiation in a marketplace of similar providers. In the real estate business, creating a level of “Navy […]