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4 Office Productivity Killers And How To Fix Them

office productivity killers

As any real estate professional knows, time management and office productivity are crucial skills to master in order to become a top producer, but this is of course easier said than done. There are a whole host of factors that can drag down your productivity whether or not you are conscious of them. Here are 4 of […]

7 Smartphone Security Tips for Real Estate

smartphone security

As a real estate professional your smartphone is undoubtedly your most important possession. It’s your mobile office, your primary means of communication, your Rolodex, your weather forecast, your camera and more. But with this reliance on one device comes risks. A lost or stolen phone can potential compromise our most important business data, your sensitive […]

Are You Brand Dead in Your Marketplace?


Brand dead! Get it? Quick! Name one agent in your area who has successfully established themselves with strong differentiation in their marketplace… It’s not that easy is it? Why is it that most agents fail to create strong brand identification where they do their business? Can you imagine what chaos would occur in the marketplace if there […]

Upcoming Webinar: Are You Making Negotiating Mistakes that Cost Big Money?

real estate negotiation

Have you ever heard these objections? Your commission is too high. We don’t want a yard sign. We won’t sell unless we get our price! How good you are at negotiating for buyers and sellers can make or break a transaction, and yet most agents have little investment in negotiation training or coaching to get […]

Moving to Our New Office Today!


Today our team is doing something you’re no doubt familiar with as a real estate professional… we’re moving! That’s right, we’re finally settling into our new office. It’s big and shiny and hopefully has a basement that doesn’t flood (ah, the memories). Our phone lines will be down for the switch starting around noon Central […]

Client Retention Made EZ [Webinar Recording]

Client Retention Made EZ

If you are wondering how you can boost your real estate business – permanently – without spending a fortune, yesterday’s client retention webinar with Terri Murphy was for you! Fortunately, we recorded the session for agents who couldn’t make it (you’re busy people, we know!) or who simply want to watch it again. In less […]

Hot Tip: 10 Ways to Keep Your Customers for Life


Client Retention Will Make You Rich! Did you know that customer retention is your key to never making another cold call again? It is easier to retain a current customer than to develop new ones, so what do we need to do to build our business on endless referrals? It’s a lot easier than you […]

7 Ways to Reconnect with Past Clients

7 Ways to Reconnect

Want to reconnect with some of your old real estate clients but aren’t quite sure how to go about it? Staying connected to past customers can lead to repeat transactions and increased referrals, but first you have to bridge the gap. Here are seven ideas to help you get back in touch: 1. Get social […]

Get More Business with Great Client Retention and Referrals


Have you ever sat down at your desk, overwhelmed with what to do next to make more sales? Client retention is the backbone to getting more sales with less effort, less marketing and more results… but most agents get lost in the haze of “fake work” when, in fact, by implementing a few simple, regularly […]

The Faces of Point2 – Nolan Hand


Title: Customer Care Representative Start Date: September 2014 Meet Nolan Hand. He might be the greenest Faces of Point2 we’ve ever featured – he started just this month! While he is already a valued member of our Customer Care team, you should know that he has held some pretty exciting jobs before coming to us. […]