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The Pro Way to Share a Link on Facebook


You’re a modern agent. You have an optimized Facebook business page, use the Point2 Agent Facebook app and engage with your clients in a charming, knowledgeable way on this popular social media platform. You probably share links to other websites or interesting articles from time to time. Maybe even to this blog. Sharing links is […]

Picture Perfect: How to Rotate Listing Photos


Agents, it’s time for us to talk about a sensitive subject. We realize this may affect you, your colleagues and even your friends. But we just can’t turn a blind eye anymore. Listing photos should always be rotated to appear correctly to an upright viewer. There, we said it. Sadly, sideways or even upside down […]

Are You Twittered Out? YouTube Trashed? Facebook Fried?


It’s time to reboot, refresh and relaunch online! Are you fed up with trying to keep up with mindless, self-serving Facebook posts? How about time wasted wading through silly videos on YouTube? Not sure why Twitter matters to you or your business? As always, there is a good and a bad way of using the resources available today. Many […]

Data Security for Real Estate

data security

It is one of the harsh realities of conducting business in 2014: data breaches or data loss are an increasingly common threat that are only becoming more expensive to recover from. Bad guys have an arsenal of sophisticated tools at their disposal that they can use to steal, hack, deface or otherwise ruin your business. IBM estimates that […]

Point2 Product Updates – July 17, 2014

Point2 Agent Product Updates

We hope everyone is having a great summer! Our recent Point2 Agent product updates are as follows: Online Office The Executive Reports page that previously showed your membership to be Express when you were on a Professional Trial has been changed. You will now show up as Professional in order to clear up any confusion about your […]

Upcoming Webinar: Oust Your Competition with 5 Secret Sales Strategies

Boot - old

Does your marketing presentation WOW your sellers? If not, you could use a reboot to help you really stand apart from the competition and win every listing! Old flip charts, boring books and cookie cutter marketing collateral will generate a yawn from today’s savvy sellers. It is time to ‘put on the ritz’ to excite, connect and ultimately […]

Hot Tip: Stop Working for Nothing – 5 Tips to Make Money

Clock with money signs

It’s another crazy busy day at the office, and you pack up for home, shaking your head about exactly what you accomplished to get you closer to your production and income goals. There is no doubt that Murphy’s Law will interrupt a perfectly well-planned schedule with some emergency that is not a priority and detracts from your dollar-productive activities. […]

10 Tips for Selling Commercial Real Estate


Learning to sell commercial real estate could provide a lucrative boost to your career. Whether you’re pursuing a mixture of residential and commercial or you’re looking to change gears completely, a few simple tips will ease the transition. Prepare Yourself for Action While residential and commercial are similar in many ways, receiving the Certified Commercial […]

Do Your Customers Really Trust You?

Trust Puzzle

No matter how many great tools, resources and platforms you implement in your business, the basis of any sale is trust. One of the greatest innovations today to help position you as a trusted professional are the social channels that leverage “implied endorsement” of your skills through the existing relationships you have with others. This […]

Social Media 2.0: Do You Speak Digital? [Webinar Recording]


Yesterday’s webinar with guest expert Bernice Ross was a great primer for agents who are struggling to go digital. She shared lots of tips designed to help you capture the attention of today’s online consumer to get you more leads and more sales… without even leaving the office! Watch the recording below to learn: How […]