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The Faces of Point2 – Andrij Zip


Title: Customer Care Representative Start Date: April 2013 Today we’d like to introduce you to Andrij Zip, one of our fabulous Customer Care Representatives. Did you know he moved to Saskatoon for this job? He must either really like us… or really love snow! Andrij (pronounced like Andre) loves the Edmonton Oilers, speaks Japanese and […]

Agents: Pick Up Your Phones (& Ditch Your Desks!)

Phone in Hand

Thanks to modern technology, real estate agents can work from anywhere… and that’s exactly how today’s consumers like it. The #1 complaint about we hear about real estate agents is that they don’t communicate effectively. What’s more, the 2014 CAR Home Buyer Survey revealed that 49% of homebuyers expect an instant response from their agents, […]

Webinar Announcement: 5 Steps to Lead Conversion Made Easy

easy lead conversion

Leads! Every agent says they need more leads… but what if they are wrong? Leads are good to have, but prospects that are ready to buy from you are better! What’s the difference? A solid lead generation and conversion system to help you prioritize and manage those leads to make more sales, more easily. Getting […]

Tech Talk: iCloud Photo Sharing for Real Estate

iCloud 2

Are you ready to hear about one of the greatest free tools you probably already have access to and didn’t even realize it? If you have an iPhone or iPad, this post is for you! iCloud photo sharing is a free way to share your images privately with your clients using the cloud. You can […]

The ABC’s of Leads: How to Grade Your Leads


What if you were handed the treasure map to making more money with a guaranteed system to convert incoming calls from leads into real cash? Verl Workman did just that for us during our recent Success Series webinar on how to become a LEAD MASTER! Did you know that one size does not fit all when it comes to follwing up […]

Convert More Leads to Sales [Webinar Recording]

Convert More Leads

The one and only Verl Workman joined our Point2 webinaristas for a thrilling live coaching session yesterday, and boy was it a doozy! Verl taught us that you don’t actually need more leads. What you need is a better way to turn your existing leads into sales. And then he taught us how to do […]

5 Feng Shui Home Staging Tips

5 Feng Shui_sm

Are you trying to sell a house that is priced right and in a great neighborhood but just isn’t getting any offers? Maybe its chi is off, and you should try a little Feng Shui. Feng Shui is the practice of rearranging chi, or energy flow, in a space to promote well-being and happiness. Feng […]

Hot Tip: 7 Ways to Avoid a Lead Drought


Did you ever notice that low production agents whine about not having any leads while top producers can hardly keep up? What’s the real deal here? The truth is leads are everywhere! The real reason that leads sometimes seem scarce is the challenge of being a single entrepreneur. When you are a one-person service provider and […]

Finding the Perfect Buyer for Tiny Houses

buyer for tiny house

Unlike comparable apartments, tiny houses can be a tough sell. Homes with three or four bedrooms and at least two bathrooms are the most popular with consumers; anything smaller requires a very special type of buyer. But you’re prepared because you know just how to locate that buyer—or at least you will once you finish […]

Ready to Harness the Power of Lead Mastery?

Verl Workman

What if you never needed to worry about another lead….ever?! Ask a “freakin’ sales animal, top producing, get it done kinda guy” like Verl Workman, and you WILL get real lead mastery strategies! Verl Workman is the type of person that everyone loves to meet. He is fun, funny, authentic, engaging and yes, a GREAT […]