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Top Negotiation Tips to Get the Sale CLOSED [Webinar Recording]

Negotiation blog

Is contract negotiation your favorite part of the buying and selling process? Do you just love bargaining over the amount of commission you will get in a transaction? If you answered ‘no’ to both of those questions, we’re not surprised… and we’re here to help! (And if you answered ‘yes’ to both of those questions, […]

How to Write a Great ‘About Me’ Page

About me blog

Have you ever sat down to create or update your agent website and struggled with the ‘About Me’ page? The sudden onset of writer’s block is not uncommon when faced with a blank page. And here you are, supposed to create an ‘About Me’ page that inspires complete strangers to use your services. That’s a […]

Hot Tip: 3 Tips to Negotiate NO into NOT YET

No Not Yes

When your customer or client says NO, what do they really mean? If you don’t have the skills to figure out how this response may really be a yes, you might miss a great opportunity to make a sale. From an unskilled perspective, hearing the word “no” is percieved as being a final boundary in the negotiation […]

How Many Listing Photos Do You Need to Get Leads?

how many listing photos?

At Point2, we spend a lot of time thinking of how to help our clients get the most out of their online marketing activities. When it comes to marketing your listings online we want to make sure that you generate as many leads as possible, so we had our experts analyze the data from Point2 […]

Top Negotiating Tips You Need to Win!


What do you say to control negotiations for a listing commission or counteroffer? How do you manage haggling between buyers and sellers for personal property? If you are like most of us, you have a true distaste for confrontational negotation. But what if there were some top tips and strategies to help you negotiate your […]

10 Funny Real Estate Comics: Animal Edition

dog funny real estate

If there’s two things we love, it’s real estate and humor. It really pays to have a sense of humor in this industry, right? And if there’s a third thing we love, well, that’s a no brainer: cute animals. So what happens when funny, cute animals meet real estate? It happens more often than you […]

Upcoming Webinar: 5 Top Negotiation Tips to Get the Sale CLOSED!


Agents can go from confident to crazy when negotiations start flying back and forth in a transaction, and trading offers back and forth does not yield top results for your buyer or seller. Too often, sales people view negotiating as distasteful. We try to accommodate when we should really be focusing on how to best collaborate to create […]

9 Ways to Clean the Clutter Before Selling a Home

9 Ways to Clean Clutter

Today we have a guest post from Bill Gassett, a popular real estate blogger who shares his tips and tricks with buyers, sellers and other agents. This article is an excellent resource to pass on to your clients and prospects. So you have decided to leave your old home behind and move into a house better suited to your current […]

Halloween Marketing: Seasonal Decorating Ideas

Halloween blog

Seasonal decorating has it benefits. When done tastefully, autumn décor can add charm and comfort to a property. When done poorly, the decorations can be a distraction. These autumn decorating tips can help you market your properties and office for the perfect blend of professionalism and coziness.  Think autumn, not Halloween If you want to […]

Words You Should NEVER Use When Negotiating


As a real estate professional, negotiating should be one of your key competencies and differentiators in your service offering, yet most agents don’t invest in honing their negotiating skills on an ongoing basis. Like any project or goal, practice doesn’t make perfect right away, but it is a good start! With continuous study, you can […]